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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let’s Have Another Drawing!

I’ve been running drawings recently on my website and JDP NEWS blogs, and it occurred to me that medieval research with joyce readers might be feeling a little left out. So let’s have another drawing of our very own!

I have here a 17-page chapbook entitled, A History of Feasting in the Middle Ages, With 25 Authentic Recipes, filled with mouth-watering information on…well, feasting in the Middle Ages…but with print so small that my aging eyes can barely read it. (Actually, that’s not the real reason I’m giving it away. It’s really a brand new chapbook that I picked up at the Arizona Renaissance Festival especially for a medieval research with joyce drawing, but then forgot to ever hold the drawing. The small print, however, does make it easier for me to give it up and not succumb to temptation to keep it for myself.)

If there is anyone out there with young eyes (or a magnifying glass) who would like to win this very useful research chapbook, send an email to jdipastena@yahoo.com. Type “Medieval Chapbook Drawing” in the subject line, and then type, “I want a grene apple pye for dessert!” (watch the spelling!), along with your name and mailing address, in the body of the email.

Deadline for entries: June 20, 2008.

I hope at least one of you out there is hungry enough to enter!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce, hope you and Janet have been having a great time and a belated Happy Birthday!