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Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Medieval Names: Common vs Uncommon

Here they are, as promised. A sampling of common vs uncommon female names from my retyped medieval name list. (Again, all these are taken from The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, by E.G. Withycombe.)


Amabel, Amble, Mabel (12-13 C)
Amice, Amicia (12-15 C)
Basilia, Basilie, Basilla (12-13 C)
Dowsabel, Dowse, Duce, Douse
Edith, Eadgyth, Editha, Eda, Edan
Ella, Ela, Ala, Elia, Hele (common 'til mid-14 C)
Emma, Emme, Emmote, Emmete (11 C)
Gillian, Gill, Jill, Gillot, Gillet


Ann, Anne, Nan, Nanny
Arabella, Orabell
Christine, Christina
Elfleda, Aelfled, Alfled(a), Alflet, Elflet
Elfreda, Elfrid
Violette (S French, rare in England)

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