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Friday, September 4, 2009

Medieval Word of the Day

Lapis lazuli: a stone mined in Persia and Afghanistan, from which a blue pigment was extracted and used in painting medieval illuminated manuscripts

Click here to see what lapis lazuli looks like


Anonymous said...

I sooo want some of this beautiful lapis lazuli. The blue is gorgeous, and as long as I can get it in the liquid form so I may paint with it immediately, I'll be very happy. No wonder the brighter oil pigments are so expensive.

Loved Triston and Siri's love story. Hope you actually get some time to work on your next book. See you in Costco.


Joyce DiPastena said...

That blue IS very pretty, isn't it, Deb? :-)

So glad you enjoyed Illuminations of the Heart! I can't wait to have you drop by to visit me at Costco! (If I ever find out what my signing schedule is going to be!)