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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Introducing "Medieval Word of the Day"

My publisher thought you, my loyal readers, might be interested in me sharing a "medieval word of the day" with, of course, it's definition, for the remainder of my book blog tour. And since my publisher is incredibly brilliant, warm and lovable, what could I do but agree?

So beginning today, I'll be sharing a daily medieval word with you. Those who have already read Illuminations of the Heart may recognize some of them from the glossary included at the end of that volume. Those who have yet to read it, will now know much of the necessary terminology in advance of your reading, and will be so smart, you won't even need to glance at that handy glossary!

What word should I begin with? What else but the key word in my book's title: "illumination".

Illumination: The medieval art of decorating books with miniatures or ornamental designs painted in brilliant colors or silver or gold leaf to "illuminate" or bring light to the pages.

Of course, "illumination" also means to bring light to the darkness. My heroine does both in the course of my novel. It's always fun when one can work a double meaning into one's title. ;-)

Check in tomorrow for an all-new Medieval Word of the Day!


Margaret said...

this is a nice idea. I like to learn new vocabulary, or new uses for words that I already use.

The Heartless Gamer Girl said...

Great idea, Joyce! You know, at one time, I was writing a Medieval Lexicon just for my own enjoyment. That was when I was working on my Medieval romance the most.